You are currently viewing A wonderful event! Thank you for your support and participation!

A wonderful event! Thank you for your support and participation!

Auseklis Ozols stands in the Colton Fine Arts Gallery before his lecture, January 2024

The Fine Arts Preservation Society of New Orleans presented a lecture by Auseklis Ozols on the Golden Mean and its use in the fine arts.

Special thanks to the Academy of the Sacred Heart New Orleans and the Colton Fine Arts Gallery on their campus for hosting this special event.

We are filled with gratitude for all of the support, love, and attendance in honor of AO. Thank you to all of the artists, students, and collectors who made space on this chilly morning!

It is because of the community support that we are able to archive and document Ozols’ teaching legacy and life’s work. Thank you !

Auseklis Ozols mapping out the golden rectangle.

Auseklis Ozols discussing important proportional relationships which connect dynamic composition to nature.

Auseklis Ozols creating a perfect circle with a tree branch (“forked stick”)

About Auseklis Ozols:

Auseklis Ozols is the President of the Ozols Collection as well as Founder of the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts where he lead as Director, Chief Curator, and Senior Instructor from 1978-2020. He retired from the Academy in 2020 amidst much controversy regarding the future and preservation of the Academy’s mission. As archives, documents, drawings and paintings dating back to the 1950’s had to be packed and moved during the coronavirus pandemic- the collection was born. 

Ozols founded the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts in 1978 based on the model of the earliest American Museum and Art Academy, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. He has worked and taught in New Orleans for over 50 years.  Ozols received a BFA from the University of  Pennsylvania, attended the historic PAFA studio program where he trained under Walter Stuemfig, and received an MFA from Temple University. His work is represented in public and private collections internationally. He has received numerous awards and significant professional recognition. 

Ozols on retiring and founding the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts:

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