You are currently viewing Course Announcement: Figure Painting in Oil

Course Announcement: Figure Painting in Oil

Painting the Figure in Oil: Exploring The Thomas Eakins Method

Strengthen your figure painting in this 5 week course based on Thomas Eakins’ teaching. The Fine Arts Preservation Society of New Orleans is proud to announce open registration for this seminar led by Saskia Ozols.

A study with roots in antiquity; this exploration of the human form and its anatomical structure, proportion, morphology, gesture, and potential for expression will always challenge and inspire. This course focuses on painting the live nude model from direct observation. Accompanying studies from anatomical reference materials will occur in conjunction with studio work. 

*Learn to mix fresh, vibrant flesh-tones 

*Explore and expand understanding of value and
temperature shifts in color

*Practice alla prima application for best effect in representing transluscency

* Paint from direct observation in natural light

(Above image: Saskia Ozols, Day’s Triumph Over Night. 80 x 60″ Oil on Linen. Private Collection)

Saskia Ozols, Study from Life. Oill on Panel, Private Collection.

**All classes will take place in a spacious uptown studio with north facing skylights. 

*Fridays 1-4 pm, October 20th-Nov. 17th. Tuition:  $550.  cash, venmo, or check accepted.

*to register email

*A supply list will be provided upon registration.

We will mix every color needed ourselves from primary and secondary colors.

About the Instructor:

Saskia has been teaching classical and realist painting techniques for 20 years. She has taught at Boston University, Loyola University, and Tulane University. She completed graduate school in 2003 at the Museum School of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and began teaching at The New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts after receiving her MFA. 

Her understanding of the figure is deeply influenced by study of Eakins’ work at the pafa museum school and studies with contemporary figurative artists Bo Bartlett, Nelson Shanks, Vincent Desidario, and Auseklis Ozols. She is a practicing artist with a 30-year exhibition record including regional, national and international venues. For more specific information on her background please visit


Saskia Ozols. A Dialectic. 60 x 60″ Oil on Canvas with Conte and Microcrystalline Wax. 

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