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Beginins January 9th, 2024.

Alla Prima: Outside! Painting the Landscape-Quick Studies

Please join us to explore painting alla prima outside! Also referred to as plein air painting or just simply “landscape painting,” this fun outdoor practice facilitates advancement in all genres of painting.

Each area of focus may be applied to both figure and still life, however the concepts are easiest to understand while painting in the field.

We will focus on a different topic each class meeting utilizing a simple color palette of primaries, 2 secondary colors + white. Each day we will meet at a specific out door location practicing techniques listed below.

Small prepared surfaces including gessoed paper (clipped to a sturdy board) small panels, or canvases will all work. Everyone will need to bring their own portable easel.

-The relationship of atmospheric perspective with color

-The influence of a wet imprimatura for alla prima paint application. A different color imprimatura will be chosen each day to best represent the the changing light of the sky.

-Quick drawing with paint! Get it down before the light changes all shadow shapes

Linear perspective and its influence on scale relationships between objects

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Class Fee: 425. Tuesday morning 10am-12pm. Begins January 9th.

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