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Why Frame a Picture?

Framing and Wiring Pictures for Exhibition. Saskia Ozols, 2022

Why frame a picture? It is an expensive chore; yet does serve a very important purpose.

Picture frames provide a visual resting space between the work of art and the wall. They allow focus on the artwork without the need to navigate chaotic visual competion with wall paper, decorative objects, and other works of art. In addition to being a safety measure ( If the painting falls on its corner the frame will break, not the corner of the painting.) A good picture frame will give the painting its own space that helps when incorporating new paintings into a collection. 

Artists have historically made “stripping” (wood strips prepared to size by the artist-cut, sanded, and nailed together in custom size for each picture on exhibit and painted a neutral color so as not to compete with the picture) which provides the same function as an actual frame but which is meant to be temporary and eventually replaced. Today, there are many beautiful frames that mimic the simple affect of stripping yet include the luxury of gold or silver leaf and perhaps antiquing/faux finishing. They are equally contemporary and functional. 

How to choose a frame ? A good frame, no matter how extravagant ( and they can get extraordinarily beautiful and extravagant regardless of how seemingly simple they might be) should never compete with the artwork. It should set it off. There are many considerations to embrace. A reputable frame shop will be able to help.

For recommended frame-shops in New Orleans please email us ! We have a 40 year history finding good frames here and are happy to share their info.

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